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We at ODIS know that navigating the immigration process in the US is not easy. That’s why we offer low-cost consultations to get a sense for your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

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Fee Philosophy

Unlike a law firm, we do not charge by the hour.

We charge one time fees based upon immigration pathway (regardless of how long it takes).

That said, if money is a significant challenge for you, we still want to work with you!

No client will be turned away based on an inability to pay!  

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Initial Intake and consultation  

$25 initial intake  — The intake gives us a chance to get to know you, your story, and your immigration goals. This is a fact finding interview for us to gain enough information to know what questions we should be asking and to start sketching a pathway for immigration.

$75 initial consultation  — if we determine that we are able to help you, we will invite you to an hour long consultation with an accredited representative. Together, we will determine which path to take and begin the application process. You must first attend an intake before a consultation will be scheduled.

Immediate Relative visa Petition

$350 — This is the most common application (petition) for immediate family members to gain an immigrant visa. 

Each Adjustment of status 

$450 -$600 — Depending on the level of complexity to the case. For those already in the United States seeking to adjust their status to a permanent resident. Prior inadmissibility issues or a criminal record will dramatically change how much time will be devoted to your petition. 

Each Consular Processing

$450 -$600 — Depending on the level of complexity to the case. For those who cannot (or are not eligible) to adjust status in the United States. We will walk you and your family member(s) through the Consular Process required to gain residency.  

Each Naturalization Application

$300  —  For those wishing to become a naturalized US citizen. We will consult with you on your naturalization application and prepare you for the interview.


Employment authorization and resume review

$75  —  Document preparation and application for authorization to work.

$75 — General resume writing preparation to help with job hunting.

Green Card Replacement 

$125 — Accidents happen, but this one could be a major headache. We'll help you get your replacement card.

Travel Documents / Advance Parole

$125 —  Depending on your status, you may or may not be able to travel abroad. If you are, and wish to do so, we will help you apply for permission to travel abroad. 

$250 — Rush order for those who are traveling abroad in less than a month. Traveling to attend a funeral will be charged the normal amount.  

Fiance visa petition

$250 — You might not have to plan your wedding apart from one another. We will help you petition for a fiancé visa. 

Representation at a CIS interview

$250 —  We will go with you to your interview as your representative and advocate to ensure you are prepared for it and treated fairly at it.