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Dear Friends of Open Door Immigration Services -

You know that moment every year when you’re putting up holiday decorations…maybe you pull the marked boxes out of the attic, pile them up in the room where you want to start decorating, and then open up the boxes. As you unwrap each item, you’re reminded of how beautiful it is, where you got it, and why you choose to keep that item year after year. 

Sometimes you smile because an ornament or decoration brings you great joy when you tell the story of the day you got it. Sometimes a tear falls, because it reminds you of someone who is no longer able to be with you during the holidays.

Now imagine that YOU are the ornament that brings great joy to someone else’s life. YOU are the light during your neighbors’ time of uncertainty and frustration as they go through the immigration process.

Your contribution to Open Door Immigration Services helps create a light within Salem and the surrounding areas. Open Door Immigration Services gets to know our clients, their stories, and their immigration goals, such as renewing a visa, petitioning for family members to come to the US, applying for naturalization, preparing for citizenship, through an initial intake interview. If we are able to help, we’ll invite our clients back in for a longer consultation and begin the application process!

BUT, we need YOUR help to do this! Your financial support is critical to providing affordable immigration legal services to those right here in the community. Immigration and naturalization are long and complicated processes and we are incredibly grateful for your generosity and commitment to your community.

In addition, 100% of your donation will go directly towards providing support services that meet the immediate immigration needs of your neighbors. Please send your tax-deductible gift today and be the light in the lives of your Salem neighbors!

With gratitude,

Sage Shaw

Executive Director

P.S.  Donate at or by sending a check to Open Door Immigration Services at the address listed below.

$25 will allow us to provide an initial intake interview

$50 will provide firewall and antivirus software for a year

$100 will provide an initial consultation if we determine we are able to help a client

$250 will allow us to represent our clients at their CIS interview

$500 will allow us to petition for adjustment of status to a permanent resident

57 Wharf Street, Suite 3A, Salem, MA 01970

Tel. (978) 594-1095

Sage Shaw