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Open Door Immigration Services

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Advocating for immigrants since 2015

Open Door Immigration Services, with the support of World Relief, has become recognized and accredited by the Department of Justice to offer immigration legal services.

Our mission is to love our immigrant neighbors through the provision of affordable legal services. We were founded at the juncture of community need, congregational passion, and church support. Those from the congregation who had been through the process of immigration themselves and those who had a particular passion for justice stepped up and began to collaborate on a solution. This intersection of knowledge, experience and heart is where ODIS was born.

Immigration and naturalization are long and complicated processes that would be overwhelming without the support of World Relief and the network of churches and denominations that it maintains. There is a commitment to working together, across denominational lines, for justice.




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Areas of Passion and Practice

Guiding Principals

You do not have to believe what we do to receive help from us. We want to help simply because of what we believe -- and that is enough for us. We'd love to share more about how we do what we do, and just as important, why we do what we do.

Immigrant Advocacy

Immigration in the United States is fraught with confusion, misunderstanding, and lots of misinformation. We want to educate our neighbors about the truths of the state of immigration in the United States.

Immigrant visa petitions & applications

There are multiple ways to petition for an immigrant visa. The most common one is the family visa petition, filed by the US Citizen or lawful permanent resident on behalf of the family member who will be immigrating.

other services

Making a home and finding work can be incredibly daunting, even for someone who has grown up in the United States. We can help prepare you for job interviews, review your resume, and attempt to connect you to the labor force.

naturalization — becoming a U.S. citizen

This is an exciting step! But like every step in the immigration journey, it can be a bit overwhelming. We will help you apply, and through our citizenship classes, will help you prepare for the interview and civics test.


We are a ministry out of a network of churches all throughout the metro-Boston area. You do not have to navigate life's challenges alone! We would love to get to know you at Highrock North Shore, or any of our other churches.


The immigrant residing among you must be cared for like a citizen. Love them as you love yourself, for you were immigrants in Egypt. I am the Lord your God.
— Leviticus 19:34


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