Open Door Immigration Services


Get Involved


We're constantly looking for people who have a passion to honor and serve our newest neighbors! We're looking for volunteers to help as conversational partners during our citizenship classes this fall. If you are interested in volunteering, and have a specific idea or project you’d like to help with, please contact us to talk through some options.

Accredited Representative

This is an appropriate path for those who are looking to make a more robust investment of time, resources, and commitment to serve their immigrant neighbors. Accredited representatives are approved by the Department of Justice to practice immigration law. These representatives function as case managers and legal counsel, walking the immigration journey with the client. They will participate in staff meetings and gatherings for brainstorming, problem solving, and accountability. 

Becoming an accredited representative requires 40 hours of classroom training in immigration law, as well as an additional 60-100 hours of job shadowing and continuing education (at a minimum!) before applying for accreditation. It is neither quick nor easy, but it is beautiful and profoundly helpful.