It is no secret that immigrants are often overlooked in our society. In part, this is due to a fragile or non-existent legal status, and in part because we (American citizens) often do not commit to getting to know those who are different from us.  

It can feel like a daunting task.

Yet, as members of the Covenant Church, who have our roots as an immigrant church, and as Christians, who follow Jesus who himself was “a stranger with no place to lay his head,” we believe we are called to welcome our immigrant neighbors and love them as we love ourselves.

Open Door Immigration Services developed as a ministry of Highrock North Shore and we seek to love our immigrant neighbors through the provision of affordable legal services, which are not always readily or affordably available to those moving here from other parts of the world.

ODIS’ formation has ultimately come about through the juncture of community need, congregational passion, and church support.

With the support of World Relief, ODIS has become recognized and accredited by the Department of Justice to offer immigration legal services.